Image forming apparatus



【課題】長期に亘って確実に良好な転写がなされる条件の設定を行う。 【解決手段】転写手段には転写材を像担持体に当接するよう作動する転写補助手段を設け、該転写補助手段の像担時体への押圧と解除タイミングを制御するため、制御部は転写位置に最も近い搬送検知センサの転写材先端検知・後端検知よりタイマにて押圧動作開始タイミングと解除動作開始タイミングとを制御する構成とし、押圧動作開始タイミング値と解除動作開始タイミング値とは、操作部からの操作により時間変更を可能とする。 【選択図】 図9
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To set conditions that satisfactory transfer can surely be performed over a long period. <P>SOLUTION: An auxiliary transfer means for operating a transfer material so as to come into contact with an image carrier is arranged in a transfer means, and in order to control a timing of pressing/releasing the auxiliary transfer means to/from the image carrier, a control part controls a pressure operation starting timing and a release operation starting timing through a timer when the leading/trailing ends of the transfer material are detected by the transport detection sensor positioned closest to a transfer position, and the pressure operation starting timing value and the release operation starting timing value are made variable in terms of time by operating an operating part. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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