PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a sensor for eddy current flaw capable of inspecting the rust or damage of an object to be measured on the spot in a non-destructive manner, while reducing noise. SOLUTION: This sensor for eddy current flaw has a flaw-detecting coil element 1, which has a wiring pattern 20 comprising a plurality of respectively independent wirings provided on a flexible board 10, the connection parts provided to both end parts of the flexible board and the connection terminals, respectively connected not only to both ends of a plurality of the wirings, but also to the connection parts, and a coil bobbin 50 which is formed into a hollow cylindrical shape using a non-magnetic material, has a coil winding part 51 on which the thickness of the bobbin is set to R/π or higher, when the outer diameter of the coil bobbin is set to 2R and can be divided lengthwise into two parts. After the coil bobbin 50 is mounted on an object 90 to be measured, the flaw-detecting coil element 1 is wound around the coil bobbin; and both connection parts thereof are connected by a connector 40, to constitute the sensor for eddy current flaw 5. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】測定対象の錆や傷などを現場でノイズを低減して非破壊検査することができる渦流探傷センサを提供する。 【解決手段】可撓性基板10に設けたそれぞれ独立した複数本の配線からなる配線パターン20および前記可撓性基板の両端部に設けた接続部ならびに前記複数本の配線の両端にそれぞれ接続されるとともに前記接続部にそれぞれ接続された接続端子を有する探傷用検査コイル素子1と、非磁性体材料を用いて中空円筒状に構成され、コイルボビンの外径を2Rとしたときのコイルボビンの厚みがR/π以上であるコイル巻きつけ部51を有し、縦に2分割可能とされたコイルボビン50とを有し、コイルボビン50を測定対象90に装着した後探傷用検査コイル素子1をコイルボビンに巻き付けて両接続部を接続具40により接続して渦流探傷センサ5を構成する。 【選択図】 図1




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