Cooling system of motor for fuel cell vehicle



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a cooling system for a fuel cell vehicle motor which can provide a cooling condition required for each motor while simplifying cooling channels by using pure water generated in the fuel cell as a coolant. SOLUTION: The cooling system of this fuel cell vehicle motor is provided with a piping channel of returning pure water exhausted from the fuel cell to the fuel cell 50, in the fuel cell vehicle comprising the fuel cell 50 which generates electric power using hydrogen and oxygen and exhausts pure water generated in power generation, and at least two motors 2, 3 including a drive motor, and a plurality of motors are arranged along the flowing direction of the pure water in series in this piping channel, and rotors 2a, 3a, and stators 2b, 3b installed in the motors are cooled by supplying the pure water into respective motors. By this system, the motors installed in the fuel cell vehicle can be cooled by the pure water exhausted from the fuel cell, and the piping channels flowing the coolant for cooling the motors can be simplified. Thereby, freedom of piping layout is improved and cost reduction and weight reduction of the piping can be realized. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】燃料電池システムの配管経路を簡素化する。 【解決手段】水素と酸素と用いて発電するとともに、発電時に生成された純水を排出する燃料電池50と、駆動用モータを含む少なくとも2つのモータ2、3とを備えた燃料電池車両において、前記燃料電池から排出された純水を燃料電池50に戻す配管経路を備え、この配管経路に前記複数のモータを純水の流れ方向に沿って直列に配置し、それぞれのモータ内に純水を供給してモータ内に収装されたロータ2a、3a及びステータ2b、3bを冷却する。 【選択図】 図1




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